Lambda Name Service
First WEB3 Identity featured with Generative Art
Monogram, more than a name and generative art
String mapping simplifies the process of personal identity verification, but also causes the gradual loss of individuality. LNS aims to endure a distinctive and timeless aesthetic symbol for each Web3 identity using diverse, random, and artistic generative art.Using a random brush to create an unpredictable path, Monogram pays tribute to the ancient Monograms used in signatures, evoking the primitive desire for individual expression.

In ancient times, people often used Monograms as personal signatures and totems. In "Monogram," we combine these works with cultural inspiration from ancient times to create Web3 identities through generative art. We pay tribute to and recall the Monograms used by ancient people when signing documents, evoking the desire for the most primitive expression of personality.

Unlike the privilege of the nobility in the past, Monogram and .lamb domain names belong to you in the encrypted world, to the community, and to your data sovereignty.
Unique Artist Identity
Your .lamb domain isn't just a name - it's a visually stunning masterpiece. The rarer the name, the rarer the NFT, allowing you to showcase your exclusive identity in Web3.
Secure Simplicity
Say goodbye to complicated addresses and hello to secure simplicity. Your .lamb is readable and recognizable. It enhances your security by reducing the risk of phishing attacks and human errors.
Gateway to Lambda dApps
Lambda is a storage network which seamlessly integrates with the EVM. Your .lamb domain serves as the gateway to accessing dApps in the Lambda ecosystem.With one name, you can access them all.
Permanent and censorship-resistant
Your .lamb domain name is stored on the secure and decentralized Lambda Network, so does the unique artwork.It cannot be seized, censored or taken away.Your identity belongs to you.
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